Amazon Local Has Just Taken Off – Groupon Has A Bigger Competitor

In wake of the Groupon IPO, Amazon has decided to launch its own local website called Amazon Local  in Chicago first. As people know Amazon is a giant itself with an EXISITING email list.

I you ever bought anything from Amazon, you have to enter your name,  email, (apart from your delivery address) to get the products and services you want.

Based on the latest news in the street, Chicago Tribune reported they are planning to launch in Chicago. By the way I think this is an  interesting choice, as the windy city, is also the home of Groupon.

Reason Why Amazon Local  May Be A Smashing Success:

Many of you may already know the Amazon plays a big influence with Living Social so they have access to their marketing department to contact local business owners.

If you caught the documentary on how  Amazon originated, you will also know that they have the best Search Engine Optimization Structure on the internet.

What does that mean?

Well, once Amazon launches a product they almost immediately rank number one in the search engines, because of the way they have structured their internal linking allowing them to dominate the search engines and increase their profits.

Plus you will also know they own Alexa, (The website that ranking other websites popularity on the internet).

Now it only stands to reason based on their knowledge of the internet and knowing what is being searched endlessly on the internet, they have the ability to quickly figure what is going to work or not on Amazon Local.

As a small business owner I really suggest getting a hold of them and placing one of your local deals with them. To get a great ideas on how to price your daily deals, and discover past daily deals that have appeared on Groupon or any other daily deals website that has been successful. Click on the link to get new ideas.

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